See you in 2025

One more night…

For the race leaders tonight should be the last night of the race, and as the French say it will be a ‘nuit blanche’ – literally a ‘white night’ that is to say one with no sleep at all as each duo tries to close out victory.  The leaders this morning are Mutuelle Bleu (Corentin Horeau and Pauline Courtois) who have gained nearly a mile over last night on second placed Skipper MACIF ( Loïs Berrehar – Charlotte Yven) and a much more significant five miles or so on Région Bretagne – CMB Performance (Gaston Morvan – Anne-Claire Le Berre) who are now more than six miles behind.

But assistant race director Yann Château explains. “The rankings are based on two references, two types of measurements. The first is perpendicular to the theoretical course axis and it measures the gain relative to the course and the . The second is the fastest theoretical course  which is perpendicular to the axis of the wind”.

But according to Chateau we are seeing a “perfect North South alignment” between Région Bretagne – CMB Performance, Mutuelle Bleue and Skipper MACIF.  Decoding that he a means: “We are seeing the top three actually tied. Meantime there are squalls to manage, more weed, fatigue is mounting and perhaps there will be some little moves to be made”.