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MACIF attack.....  but nothing in it

Loïs Berrehar and Charlotte Yven (Skipper MACIF) who lead in the first week and have been in the peloton since the start took control of the Transat Paprec overnight. But the gaps are as tiny as they have been, three miles between the top three. 

In the middle of the Atlantic there is nothing in it and everything to play for. An in terms of weather options there looks like there will be no bog plays between now and the finish line. At 0600hrs this morning Skipper MACIF (Loïs Berrehar and Charlotte Yven) was computed to be half a mile ahead of Mutuelle Bleue (Corentin Horeau – Pauline Courtois) and third placed Région Bretagne – CMB Performance (Gaston Morvan and Anne-Claire Le Berre) was three miles behind the leader. 

“There is nothing in it, they are all on the same gybe and it is just about the small shifts and puffs in the breeze and dealing with the weed as it appears for them.” Said Race Director Francis Le Goff this morning. The leading trio constantly monitor each other on the AIS system. 

"There will be no course changes today except maybe fourth placed Région Normandie (Guillaume Pirouelle, Sophie Faguet in 4th) which could make it a small starboard gybe". Routings show that the race leader should stay close to the direct route until the end of the race.  

“The uncertainties that can upset the order are technical breakdowns, squalls and windshifts and the weed. It looks for all the world that the finishes will be very close into Gustavia next Friday.” Suggests the Race Director. “Routings just now show the whole fleet might finish within eight hours.”