See you in 2025

A great rookie adventure, ready to do it again, or the Mini650! 

Finishing in Tenth place were the Swiss-French duo Alicia de Pfyffe and Ed Golbery. Taking time out from their professional careers on Superyachts, the Palma, Mallorca based pair took on the Transat Paprec as a personal adventure, a challenge to see how they would fare on a Transatlantic on a small, high performance one design keelboat which they only got and sailed for the first time three weeks before the start. Along the way they took regular water samples to contribute to research into the biodiversity of the oceans. And so although they have accumulated tens of thousands of ocean miles they were, by comparison, amateur rookies in the Figaro class. They finished at 18:42:05hrs on Saturday in an elapsed time of 20 days, 07 hours, 40 minutes and 05 seconds and so 1 day 12 hours 38 minutes and 32 seconds after the winners

De Pfyffer said “When we saw the land, we looked at each other and realised together that we had managed to make this crossing despite all the things that happened to us. It was a great transat. We haven't slept much the last few days. We had a lot of squalls and gusts. The day before yesterday and yesterday, we slept in 20 minute catnaps all the time, it was nuts. And we had a lot of seaweed too. Now I want to do the Mini”.

Golbery said:  “It was great. We broke things after the start so we were careful. When Arnaud came back at us we struggled a bit. But we are so, so happy to be here. We have absolutely nothing to regret. We were right into it. And let us remember this was Alicia's first offshore race. And it was my first Figaro race. We chartered the boat just three weeks before the start and here we are. It was a great discovery but I'm ready to go again even if it was hard.