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The race

The Transat Paprec

Run every two years, The Transat Paprec, formerly known as La Transat en Double Concarneau Saint-Barthélemy (ex Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE), offers duos the chance to do battle on the Atlantic aboard totally identical boats, the Figaro Bénéteau 3s. The only transatlantic race to be sailed on equal terms, since 1992 it has unveiled scores of female and male talents eager to take on a competitive and human challenge. This race forms part of the French Elite Offshore Racing Championship. The 16th edition will set sail in the spring of 2023.

Key numbers

1992 creation of the race

16th edition

3 890 miles to cover

18d 05h 08min 03s record time held by Nils Palmieri and Julien Villion (2021)

Concarneau - Saint Barthélemy

Ses valeurs

  • Performance & solidarité
  • Mixité

La Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE porte deux valeurs clés d’AG2R LA MONDIALE : la performance et la solidarité. Dès le coup d’envoi de cette 15e édition, donné le 19 avril 2020 à Concarneau, les skippers devront faire preuve d’engagement et de dépassement de soi pour aller chercher la victoire.

Sur cette transat, disputée à « armes égales » à bord des monotypes Figaro Bénéteau 3, ce sont les femmes et les hommes qui feront la différence sur les 3 890 milles du parcours. Depuis la 1ère édition 1992, les faits ont démontré que la performance n’est possible que dans la solidarité : la Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE est une course de longue haleine où la solidarité prime. En double, c’est la force de l'équipage, la dimension collective qui permettra de rallier le port de Gustavia au plus vite.

20 ans après la première victoire d’un duo mixte sur la Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE, avec Karine Fauconnier et Lionel Lemonchois, et alors qu’une épreuve mixte de course au large fera son apparition aux Jeux Olympiques de 2024, AG2R LA MONDIALE s’engage plus fortement en faveur de la mixité, composante essentielle de l’ADN de la course.

Le groupe offrira cette année l’inscription aux duos mixtes dans l’objectif qu’ils soient le plus nombreux possible à prendre le départ de Concarneau le 19 avril 2020. Un classement dédié sera également créé pour récompenser ces duos homme/femme. Engagé autour des valeurs de performance et de solidarité très chères au monde de la mer, AG2R LA MONDIALE est également convaincu que la mixité constitue une véritable richesse. La Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE, qui a vu passer des générations de marins depuis sa création, va ainsi pouvoir s’inscrire dans la préparation des duos en lice pour les Jeux Olympiques.



The dawning of a new race…

After 24 days, 8 hours, 40 minutes and 34 seconds at sea, Jacques Caraës and Michel Desjoyeaux take victory in the very first Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE, crossing the finish line off the port of Gustavia in St. Barths. The dawning of a new race...


Just 63 seconds in it

Roland Jourdain and Jean le Cam post an historic victory! Never in the history of transatlantic races has a crew taken the win with such a narrow margin over the second boat: just 63 seconds ahead of Bertrand de Broc and Marc Guillemot.


A benefical northerly option

Alain Gautier and Jimmy Pahun were rewarded for their northerly option, finishing less than an hour and a half ahead of Jean le Cam and Florence Arthaud. “The level was akin to that of the multihulls’ heyday around ten years ago”, explains Alain Gautier.


Suspense to the wire

Suspense to the wire. Bruno Jourdren and Marc Guessard, on Nintendo 64, after 22 days and 14 hours at sea covering 3,760 miles at an average speed of 6 knots, are the outright champions of this 4th double-handed Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE.


A mixture of flat calm and storms

Karine Fauconnier and Lionel Lemonchois on Sergio Tacchini Itinéris take victory in the 5th edition in 27 days 9 hours and 50 minutes. Storms in the first leg and lengthy periods of flat calm in the transatlantic crossing were the most striking aspects of the event.


“We’re going to win this transatlantic race!”

With an accumulated time for the two legs of 22 days 02 hours and 39 minutes, Hervé Laurent and Rodolphe Jacq took the win in the 6th edition. It was at 00:20 hours local time that Colbert Orco crossed the finish line of the second leg, which had been won some six hours earlier by Erwan Tabarly & Philippe Vicariot.


“2004 was quite simply magical!”

Armel Le Cléac'h and Nicolas Troussel (Groupe SCE-Le Télégramme) secured the win, after covering 3,760 miles in 20 days 8 hours 49 minutes and 3 seconds at sea. They finished ahead of the duo made up of Pascal Bidégorry and Sidney Gavignet (Banque Populaire), who were hot on their heels right down the home straight.


An event first!

After 19 days 22 hours 24 minutes and 30 seconds of relentless battling, Kito de Pavant and Pietro d'Ali crossed the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE finish line in St. Barths on Groupe Bel, snatching a much-deserved victory. It was coloured by a bunched finish: 23 of the 25 crews finishing within 24 hours of one another… An event first!


Tactics favouring the extreme south

It was an impressive victory for SNEF and Cliptol Sport. With the fleet strewn across 1,000 nautical miles, the winners were the ones who selected the right option. Despite the difficult weather and fluky winds, this pair stood out from the rest thanks to tactics favouring the extreme south. By positioning themselves in the leading group, SNEF and Cliptol Sport revived the suspense of the race from Madeira.


A race showcasing talent and mastery

Crossing the finish line in St. Barths on 11 May at 00 hours 59 minutes 11 seconds (04 hours 59 minutes 11 seconds UTC), Armel Le Cléac'h and Fabien Delahaye bagged victory in the tenth Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE after 22 days 16 hours 59 minutes and 11 seconds in a race showcasing their talent and mastery.


Riders on the storm

This 11th edition doesn’t go against the established order for its twentieth anniversary, the Transat AG2R LAMONDIALE serving up an intense showstopper, the likes of which nobody could have imagined at the start in Concarneau on 21 April. Having ridden out storms, searched for the trade wind and tried to escape the blasted seaweed, the 16 pairs signed up for this 2012 edition all succeeded in making the finish in St. Barths, and all were welcomed amidst the greatest fervour possible and imaginable.


A very refreshing podium

On 28 April at 19h 17mn 59 sec, on the turquoise waters of St. Barths, two young sailors, Gwenolé Gahinet and Paul Meilhat glide across the finish line in the port of Gustavia. Safran-Guy Cotten posts the win in this 12th edition of the double-handed transatlantic raced on equal terms, finishing ahead of Skipper Macif (Fabien Delahaye/Yoann Richomme) and the mixed double 30 Corsaires (Alexia Barrier/Laurent Pellecuer). It’s a very refreshing podium representing part of a new wave of offshore racers.


“We’ve done it mate!”

They came in search of victory and they pulled it off. “We’ve done it mate!” exclaimed Thierry to Erwan as they crossed the finish line off Gustavia on 25 April 2016 at 14:14:53. The winning duo on Gedimat, Thierry Chabagny and Erwan Tabarly, nailed the win in the thirteenth edition after 22 days 1 hour 6 minutes and 53 seconds.


Victory after a week at the head of the fleet

18 days 11 hours, 48 minutes, 22 seconds: that’s the race time for the top duo in Gustavia in this fourteenth edition of the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE: Adrien Hardy & Thomas Ruyant crossed the finish line in St. Barths on Thursday 10 May at 18H48'22" (22H48'22" UTC on Wednesday 9 May). The pair had been leading the way for over a week!


A successful northerly option!

Both Transat Paprec > TED rookies, Nils Palmieri and Julien Villion sailed a blinder to ensure they were the first to make landfall in Gustavia, St. Barths. Favouring a northerly option, the two men fully believed in their option, even though the routing seemed to side with the ‘southerners’. Their objective throughout was to remain at the head of their group, which they excelled at. In so doing, they broke the event record by 6 hours 40 minutes and 19 seconds.


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